It’s no secret that an active lifestyle is a healthy one. This is no different for our canine companions. It keeps them healthy, strong and most importantly, happy! Walking your canine consistently provides them with much needed activity and attention. An extra stroll can help prevent hyperactivity, separation anxiety, stress, and health problems. Urban Canine Strolls can help make sure your companion gets the attention and exercise they need by being there when you can’t. I aim to make your life a little easier, and your companion’s life a little fuller!

Urban Canine Strolls is a small independent business, owned and operated by Kara! I have been dog walking professionally since 2012. Through my services, I offer a trustworthy and attentive approach, using only positive reinforcement methods.

I am an on foot walker, and service the Brockton, Parkdale, Roncesvalles & Sorauren neighborhoods. Being on foot means that the service is exceptionally environmentally friendly; I cycle to your home to pick up your pup, and emit zero (!) emissions. I also use only biodegradable bags for the clean up! I have a passion for animal rights and absolutely adore ALL dogs of any breed and size. I have a great list of references, and Urban Canine Strolls is a registered business in Ontario which is insured by PROfur (insurance for pet care professionals). I promise only the best for your companion with experienced and caring service, specific to your canine’s needs.

Also, meet Jupiter, she’s my bestfriend, and will likely become super great friends with your pup!

Please take a look at the Services offered and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at urbancaninestrolls@gmail.com.



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